MOVA Z500 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Get ready to do a greater job.

This is by far the most powerful slim robot vacuum cleaner with visual navigation we've made for the ultimate user.

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MOVA Z500 takes powerful cleaning performance and compact slim design to an incredible level. 3000Pa great suction power, 570mL large dustbin, 270mL water tank integrated in 8.2cm slim body , ensuring excellent cleaning results without worries. Visual navigation with greater precision ensures full-covered cleaning with regular cleaning path. Combined with App control and a 5200mAh large battery. The robot is an ideal cleaning solution, designed for the professional critical users.
VSLAM technology for
full coverage cleaning
Thorough clean with
3000Pa suction power
Intelligent controlled
large water reservoir
for deep cleaning
Super large dustbin can
hold more dust one time.
Less frequent dumping
Tangle-free vacuuming system
5200mAh large battery capacity
Auto carpet boost
Up to 2cm high doorsills crossing ability

"I shall never worry about fallen corn flakes, M&Ms, and even tiny dust hidden in the floor cracks since MOVA joined my family. The little robot has 3000Pa suction power. Can you believe?"

- Dan

Up to 3000Pa suction power

Nidec brushless motor combined with optimized suction channel design, providing 3000Pa strong suction power with no recession. Ensures powerful removal of all particles.

Tangle-free vacuuming system

Brand new tangle free design ensures no hair wrapped for easy maintenance. Wide main brush provides high efficiency cleaning performance. Optimized floating V-shape brush flexibly keeps to the ground and sweep up tiny dust in deep cracks.

Auto carpet boost

Intelligently handle complicated floor with carpets. The robot will instantly detect and react to carpet then choose to boost the power while vacuuming, finding the best cleaning operation for it.

82mm height compact design to enter lower spaces

The robot could enter spaces under furniture with 82mm slim body, ensuring excellent cleaning results.

5200mAh large battery capacity

Get more done in one charge. With 5200mAh large battery, the robot can clean up to 250㎡ * large house.
*Tested by Dreame lab test, actual performance can be different based on different home environment.

"I can enjoy bare feet freedom after work. All the pressure seems been mopped away with the stubborn stains at the same time. "


270ml large water reservoir

Vacuum and mop in one go for optimal cleanliness with less effort. 270ml largest water reservoir enough for large area cleaning. Latest floating design ensures continuous pressure for the stubborn stain. In addition, the floor will instantly dry after constant mopping , leaving your floor impeccably clean.

3 levels water control

Three options of water volume are offered in the App to suit different cleaning needs and make sure of good mopping performance.

Microfiber texture mop

By leveraging the microfiber technology,
the mop can be flexibly adjusted to release the water evenly,
taking away the stubborn dirt.

"I'm getting used to a MOVA life now. Just open the App, a clean home is ready for me to return home."


Visual navigation with greater precision for regular path planning

Real-time positioning with wide angle dynamic visual navigation provides regular path planning, so to have full coverage cleaning.

Real-time mapping

You can check the cleaning process via App through real-time mapping.

More functions, more convenience.

OTA online upgrading

You can just update your APP to get
the functions optimized and extended.

4 levels suction power control

You can adjust suction power regarding to
your cleaning request. Extreme mode could
be used when you need an intense deep clean.
Max mode for the most powerful request.
Super mode could handle heavily dirty ground.
Standard mode is competent for daily cleaning.

3 levels water control

Three options of water volume are offered in
the App to suit different cleaning needs and
make sure of good mopping performance.

Check consumables lifetime

You can get real-time update of consumables
lifetime including HEPA、side-brush、main brush
from your app. Gat ready to change the new one.

Time scheduling

You can set your ideal cleaning time
depending on your need.

Smart home device compatibility

You can link your smart home
devices to the robot,
and tell it when and how to
start cleaning.
Cleaning's made easy by voice control.

Up to 2cm high doorsills crossing ability

The robot can easily cross
obstacles like doorsills up to 2cm,
easily go through your house without
hindrance for
full coverage cleaning.


With its anti-collision sensors
and front bumper, the robot
will avoid obstacles and protect your furniture, protecting
valuable in your home while cleaning.


With anti-drop sensors, the robot will
safely reverse its direction
when confronting the stairs.

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